Terms & Conditions

Valid from 1st of November 2017.

General Terms


All products and services on this website are sold by Linnankadun Studio / Castlestreet Studio / Tmi Basement Grey, VAT identification number FI26219633.

Prices and payments are in Euros and excluding VAT of 24%.

If you need an invoice for your company with Value Added Tax excluded, contact us via contact form and provide us with the company details: Company name, Business ID, PO BOX/ Street name, Country, Contact person, ref, phone number, email address.

Our main products are audio technical consulting, mixing and mastering services delivered in digital wave-file format and streaming services for educational videos.

Castlestreet Studio holds the rights reserved to change the prices without any notice.

EU Customers - private persons

If you order products from a country or location belonging to EU customs and taxation union, prices are inclusive of value added tax and other applicable taxes.


EU Customers - Companies

By entering your company VAT ID on checkout, and if valid, Finnish VAT (24%) will be deducted.

Non-EU Customers

Ordering products from a country or location not belonging to EU customs and taxation union, the prices are exclusive of VAT, but you may have to pay value added taxes or other additional taxes and/or customs duties.


Products are ordered via Internet at Castlestreet Studio (www.castlestreetstudio.com) shopping cart or via contact form or by email order on castlestreetstudio@gmail.com. All orders are confirmed with an e-mail notification that includes price of the order, additional fees and the goods ordered. In order to receive a confirmation e-mail the customer must supply us with his/her/company e-mail address during the order process. The customer is obliged to comply with the Terms & Conditions on www.castlestreetstudio.com during every order.

Methods of payment

Payment can be made by PayPal or authorized bank, debit or credit cards listed at the checkout. All payments will be subject to security checks.

Other expenses


5 € will be added as billing expenses on mixing and mastering service invoicing. Billing expenses are excluded on digital music and streaming service invoicing.

Delivery times

If you are urged to get a service delivered on a tight schedule, contact us via our contact form before purchase to agree on a service delivery date. Let us help you to get your project done on time!

Castlestreet Studio holds the rights reserved for delivery delays if not contacted for a schedule agreement.

Delivery delays will be noticed by e-mail.

At the moment the estimated delivery time for a single track mixing or mastering service is less than 5 working days from the day customer has been informed the service will take place.

Product changes and returns

According to Finnish law of consumer protection act the customer has 14 day notice period to modify the order.

An order is binding by ordering a service or by downloading content from a link given on a confirmation email. 

By sending (eg. transferring) content to Castlestreet Studio or receiving the content eg. wave or aiff file via email or third party service WeTransfer, as a customer you accept the following terms:

Digital mixing and mastering services

Dear customer, to save both parties time, read this carefully. 

Prepare your piece of music and files to the point you are ready to give them the final touch.

This is the point where you save time and money. 

If the customer wants to consult the Studio before starting the service, please notify the mixing engineer. We will consult you with no charge, just to make sure the production is free of some major mixing or balancing issues. We value our customers and want you to be satisfied with the final production. 

If the original wav file(s) or aiff file(s), the customer has sent in the first place to be mixed / mastered at Castlestreet Studio, have been modified by the customer (considering bit rate, bit depth, length, arrangement, composition, added instruments etc.) during the mixing or mastering process, after the mixing engineer's first revision, the Studio will charge 60€ (excluding VAT) from the first upcoming hour. The mixing process will be continued after the payment has been delivered to the company's bank account.


Now, we ask why. This comes to the basic principle on our ethos of mixing audio: We use offline equipment which means every single second has to be mixed real-time every since a modification needs to be done.

After sending the modified audio wave files to customers supplied e-mail address, the customer has a quality-guarantee and free modification sessions can be done on a period of 14 days. We take full responsibility on production mistakes made at Castlestreet Studio. If not satisfied with the service or the delivered file(s) needs to be modified, please contact us via e-mail or WeTransfer www.wetransfer.com and send the files to castlestreetstudio@gmail.com for further instructions. Please provide a brief message about the desired modifications and details of the PA/sound system the problems were noticed. A link to a picture of your listening spot is appreciated.

We will not accept returns after 14 days of delivery. Modification requests submitted after 14 days of delivery will be invoiced on an hourly rate of 60€ (excluding VAT) with minimum rate of one hour pay. 

Streaming services and downloadable digital products

After a streaming on our service has been started or downloading a file has been started with the permission of the customer, the customer is not eligible to right of withdrawal.

Without a notice of withdrawal sent to castlestreetstudio@gmail.com, a purchase is not withdrawn.