Valve Pettersen - Positonal Hyper Puritive album out now! BEGR-002DA Basement Grey Records

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Valve Pettersen - Positonal Hyper Puritive album is available

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Watch the video collage by Niko Pettersen on Youtube for track 'Dreams Scattered Inside And Out'

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From sirens & chaos. Niko Pettersen, a finnish mixing engineer, producer, sound designer and a record label owner, as Valve Pettersen takes an in depth exploration on unconventional rhythms and noisy soundscapes by using common elements in electronic music. IDM, breakbeat, experimental and ambient could be distinguished for the genres these compositions represent, still leaving the listeners with a question mark.

On the debut album 'Positonal Hype Puritive' the producer reaches grooves plain to fit to dancefloors too yet the underlined basslines and heavily distorted 808 combined with aesthetics kneeing more on punk-influenced music is raising questions about the validity of a thought separating genres. Does he deliver the listener a live show or a programmed presentation as the jazz-oriented drum patterns bring the feeling of jams in the studio?

The distortion on the pieces is constructed with valve tube preamplifiers giving the organic and lively feeling for each drum hit. On the production the expression sirens & chaos can be found by observing the contrast having hollow synth-lines, percussions and arpeggios next to an overwhelming harmonic content the valve tubes are producing. Dystopia and emptiness churn among bursts of raging energy just to wait the whales singing on the piece 'Timeless Creative Flow'.

Bizarreness on the extended dimension of avant-garde music gives an hour of thinking about the elements today used on electronic music. -Anna Noir


Tracklist - Length

1 - She Doesn't Give a Fuck About Bras

2 - Alien Life

3 - Hopeless

4 - Being

5 - Lost and Apart Yet Future Continuum

6 - Dreams Scattered Inside And Out

7 - Being Fucked Up

8 - Timeless Creative Flow

9 - Public Enemy Drawing The Line

10 - Take Care As We Die - Stream Of Life

Artist - Valve Pettersen

Producer, Mixing & Mastering - Niko Pettersen, Castlestreet Studio / Linnankadun Studio

Release - Positional Hyper Puritive

Record Label - Basement Grey Records

Catalog number - BEGR-002DA

Format - Digital release

Digital distribution - Triple Vision

Release date - August 4th 2020


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Linnankadun Studio / Castlestreet Studio

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