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Lasse Junnila - Childhood Amnesia

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Lasse Junnila - Childhood Amnesia

The Album is released by Luola Recordings.

Mastering done at Castlestreet Studio by Niko Pettersen.

Childhood Amnesia is a 9-tracker of abundant and fresh atmosphere swaying the listener towards the skirts of the upcoming Spring. The colorful and calm sound palettes Lasse brings in on the album's first track, that title track Childhood Amnesia, certainly brings on mind the playfulness of electronic music.

By leading the way back to the childhood and having a sense of pureness, by the pristine harmonies of FM synthesized percussions and the synth elements, I would count on this one, to be an album of choice for many venues and in between since it's track 'Kutomo' the latest when starting to plan the next tour to go by car - such a good and Calming record to play while driving - even on traffic jams.

It's not only the cheery melodies that gives a sensation of warmness and a smile on your face, at least when you find yourself tapping your shoe on the ground as Copper's - the second track's drums, a solid kick drum and snappy snare are welcomed in!

This is also a record made of versatile and audacious basslines - Probably a key point for the generous critics bringing in again the so-loved definition of electronic music, the electronica. Similar soundscapes can be found on releases by Four Tet, Vril, Floating Points and Ela Minus to name a few.

Childhood Amnesia is a balanced yet all-a-rounder experience for the ones ready for the summer, after the long and dark winter. For those of us heading to a local park or nearby fields, no less than the morning dressing and the smell of the Spring on mind.

Have a listen and stay safe!


Tracklist - Length

1 - Childhood Amnesia - 4:09

2 - Copper - 5:39

3 - Vessels - 6:16

4 - Nickel - 5:07

5 - Semolina - 0:25

6 - Play - 5:12

7 - Kutomo - 7:08

8 - Recall - 3:45

9 - Kypros - 8:07

Artist - Lasse Tapio Junnila

Release - Childhood Amnesia

Record Label - Luola Recordings

Format - Digital release

Release date - February 21st 2021

Mastering - Niko Pettersen, Castlestreet Studio / Linnankadun Studio


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Linnankadun Studio / Castlestreet Studio

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