Kitkatone 'Es Atetum' Ep mastered at Linnankadun Studio / Castlestreet Studio Buy on store

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Kitkatone is back with yet another solid techno 3-tracker 'Es Atetum' on his label ENOTAKTIK.

The release was mastered here at Linnankadun Studio / Castlestreet Studio by Niko Pettersen.

ENOTAKTIK-D 003 is available now on digital format.

Buy the release straight at the shop.


1. Es Atetum 5:24

2. Tyrn 6:12

3. Loose Change 7:14

Release date is on Friday 18th of May 2018.

Check out also the radio show Maanalainen Radio on Basso Radio he runs together with Man Jorge.


Maanalainen Radio on Soundcloud


Resident Advisor


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Such a bomb, I hope you people like it on dancefloors around the globe.

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