Everything is handmade.

The acoustic elements at Castlestreet Studio has been built by following a principle tested in an ISO standardized environment by The British Broadcasting Corporation's Research Department.

The modular box design gives the rather small monitoring room extended area absorbing and diffusing the sound waves produced by Presonus's Sceptre and Temblor monitors.


Plywood combined with mineral wool gives the monitoring room a natural and accurate character to work on audio.

Non-synthetic and recyclable materials have been used to create ecological acoustic treatment that last for years.

Signal Path

All comes to the ams Neve 8816.

All the mixed & mastered audio will go through our Summing mixer - 

the legendary ams Neve 8816.

On every channel the summing mixers recognizable transformers will give a warm and detailed character gluing the mix up.

In order to acquire the lowest noise floor possible and the best possible sound quality for your composition we recently upgraded the signal path. 

The ams Neve 8816's Audio to Digital Converter will take care of finalizing every gentle nuance on a piece of music regardless the genre of music or the dynamics.


Linear phase dynamic processors will take care of equalizing and dynamic reduction in digital environment in the end of the signal path.

Tape Masters

We are into classic techniques and tape compression.

High bias CrO2 tape with wide dynamic range combined with Tascam Portastudio tape recorders offer the high quality trending lofi sound.

Ask for an exclusive recording and mastering service if you look for the extra bit of  warmness for your masters. There's no way to get this sound with softwares. We guarantee the result is unique.

At the moment we have a Revox A77 mk IV under maintenance and in the future we offer also special recording and mastering with the reel to reel equipment. 

With the classic equipment combined together in a modern recording environment it's possible to create everything that can be translated from an idea to sonic arts. Creativity as an essential ingredient.


We are located at Kauppiaskatu 3

20100, Turku, Finland

Send us an email and book a Skype meeting

or stop by the studio - 10 minutes from the city centre

Niko Pettersen, Mixing Engineer,

producer and artist running Castlestreet Studio and electronic music record label Basement Grey in Turku, Finland. Educated in Tampere University of Applied Sciences and self-taught electronic music artist. Started producing electronic music at the age of 16.

  • Professional knowledge on music production, recording music, releasing music on vinyl records & digital formats, distributing music, performing music, hosting artists and organizing events

  • Bachelor of Arts - Tampere University of Applied Sciences 2017

  • Event Organizer - Board of Director, Turku Modern Festival 2017 - 

  • Basement Grey Records 2013 -

  • Live Performing Artist - Teersom & Valve Pettersen and more 2013 -